Remembering Resilience

“A podcast on Native American resilience through and beyond trauma… exploring concepts, science, history, culture, stories and practices that we are working with as we seek to shape a future for our children and our grandchildren that is defined not by what we have suffered, but what we have overcome.”

Origin of Remembering Resilience Podcast

In the fall of 2015, members of two Minnesota Tribal Communities, the White Earth Band of Ojibwe and the Fond du Lac Band of Ojibwe, launched the Tribal NEAR Science and Community Wisdom Project.

The project, a collaboration between the tribal nations, Minnesota Communities Caring for Children, and The Center for Prevention at Blue Cross Blue Shield, is designed to build awareness and understanding regarding the root causes of the contemporary issues our tribal communities face today. The project aims to combine efforts to move upstream toward prevention – breaking cycles to strengthen our families and brighten the future for our children – by amplifying community voice and wisdom to create solutions that will address our current day traumas and hardships, beginning the process of healing and remembering resilience for all our people – past, present, and future. Since the project’s inception, we have expanded work to include the Lower Sioux Community, and are continuing our work currently with Leech Lake, Mille Lacs and Bois Forte.

The first phase of the effort aims to build knowledge through a series of introductory presentations regarding Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Adverse Childhood Experiences, & Resilience (NEAR Science) thereby encouraging a common language and shared understanding throughout the community around how we have been impacted, both individually and collectively. The next phase brings community members together to have conversations about the science, emphasizing cultural wisdom and drawing on input from the community as a core tenet of the process. Through this work, each community was able to emerge with unique plans to respond to their most pressing issues — as they defined them.

Reclaiming cultural ways after a time of loss is a powerful driver of well-being.

“One of the first things that has to be done is to ask the community what is important to the community.”

Drs. Eduardo and Bonnie Duran, 1995

Remembering Resilience Podcast

In this podcast series hosts David Cournoyer, Susan Beaulieu and Linsey McMurrin share stories of this project and of ways community members and others are “Remembering Resilience.” This podcast explores NEAR Science, Historical Trauma, and ways Indigenous communities and individuals in Minnesota are creating and Remembering Resilience.

Podcast Hosts Linsey McMurrin,
David Cournoyer and Susan Beaulieu

Remembering Resilience: Episode 1 – Historical Trauma: Looking Back to Transform our Futures

Remembering Resilience: Episode 2 – Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): How Our Communities Have Adapted to Adversity & Trauma

Remembering Resilience: Episode 3 – Understanding Epigenetic Inheritance: How the Experiences of our Ancestors Impact Our Communities Today

Remembering Resilience: Episode 4 – Healing Ourselves to Heal Our Communities:
Reawakening Resilience Individually and Collectively

NOW AVAILABLE: Episodes 5 and 6

Our Newest Episodes Feature Stories of Healing and Resilience from Tribal Communities Across Minnesota and Beyond

Remembering Resilience: Episode 5 – Voices of Resilience: Janice Bad Moccasin

Remembering Resilience: Episode 6 – Voices of Resilience: Linda EagleSpeaker

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