Remembering Resilience Podcast Series

This series highlights Native American resilience through and beyond trauma… exploring concepts, science, history, culture, stories and practices that we are working with as we seek to shape a future for our children and our grandchildren that is defined not by what we have suffered, but what we have overcome.

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Where did the idea for the podcasts come from?

We kept at the forefront of our collective thinking how we could make sure this work would continue to have an impact, long after the timeline of our project…

The next phase brought community members together to have conversations about the science, emphasizing cultural wisdom and drawing on input from the community as a core tenet of the process. Through this work, each community was able to emerge with unique plans to respond to their most pressing issues — as they defined them.

Community partners at White Earth approached us about creating content they could use on an ongoing basis at their tribal radio station to help spread this information throughout their community and beyond…

And it was through this idea, with adaptations along the way, Remembering Resilience came into existence.

Reclaiming cultural ways after a time of loss is a powerful driver of well being.

“One of the first things that has to be done is to ask the community what is important to the community.”

Drs. Eduardo and Bonnie Duran, 1995

White Earth Lake, White Earth Rediscovery Center

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